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How PhenQ’s Formula Of Ingredients Work Cohesively To Trigger Fat Loss


PhenQ is a dietary supplement which consists of various ingredients that focus on different aspects that are critical to weight loss. The makers of the product proclaim that PhenQ’s proprietary formulae can help to improve mood, suppress appetite, disrupt fat production and reduce fat reserves. In today’s post we take a look at some of the most interesting ingredients in PhenQ as well as some information as to how they work to encourage fat loss. You buy this supplement at publication site clevescene.


1) L-Carnitine Fumarate

This amino acid is found in nuts, vegetable and red meat. L-carnitine helps the body to convert its fat reserves into energy. Meaning, upon consuming it, it can help to burn fat, regardless if you’re dieting or if you are active. But, in the event that you have a regular exercise routine or if you partake in a diet, L-carnitine can help to significantly improve your results.


2) Caffeine

Did you know that caffeine is one of the most commonly used ingredients in many fat burning supplements? Research indicates that on top of providing a boost in energy, caffeine consumption can help to mobilize fats as well as to increase metabolism. Caffeine can also help to suppress your appetite. It is able to boost the metabolic processes in the body by inducing thermogenesis. Additionally, the energy boosting properties of caffeine can help you to workout harder for longer periods of time. Therefore, by taking PhenQ, it can help you to get more out of your workout routines so that you can fully maximize your efforts and time at the gym.


3) Capsicum

Capsicum is a naturally occurring chemical which gives pepper plants their spiciness. Various medical studies have shown that capsicum can help to improve the body’s metabolic processes and help you burn fat while resting.


4) Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in whole grains, vegetables and meat. Research shows that upon consuming this mineral, it can help to reduce carbohydrate and sugar cravings which is common amongst people who partake in a calorie restrictive diet. In fact, many doctors recommend that diabetes patients should take picolinate supplements to help them maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


5) Piperine

Black pepper has been used for thousands of years in traditional Eastern medicine. Back then, it was typically used to treat diarrhea, cholera and several gastrointestinal conditions. One of the main active ingredients in black pepper is called piperine. A study which was published in WebMD showed that when humans consume piperine, it sets off a chain reaction of processes in the body that help to keep fat formation in check. In fact, the researchers even concluded that piperine could be used to treat several obesity related conditions.

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